Chulem - a poem by Malka Lorber Rolnik

Chulem is a poem in Yiddish from Malka Lorber Rolnik, née Milchtajch, who was a writer, poetess and composer. She was born in Chelm on May 16, 1922 and passed away in São Paulo, Brazil on November 5, 1987.



A chulem hob ich haint gehat:
Mein Tate is gur a magnat,
Er wert mertiker un gresser,
boit palatzen, haisers, schlesser...
Tit der tate un ein kroin -
Mot’s er meilach schoin;
Ganzte raichidikes land
Is bei im izt in der hand...

Ich die ynge pritzessen
Ale danges glaich fargessen,
Tun vunderbare kleider,
Tref mit printzen sich keseider.
Fur of yatchen, shvim in taichen
Keiner is nit izt main glaichen.

Hob badineren un pagen,
Ferd, machinen, equipagen.
Alle elzte oif mir kicken
Neigen sich far mir un bieten
Far groisse naches spring ich oif -
Effen maine oigen oif ,
Raib und farshlofe mir ois di oigen -
Oh, zu veit bin ich farfloigen...


A Dream

A dream today I had:
My father is just a magnate,
He turns powerful and greater,
He builds palaces, villas, castles.
Puts the father on a crown -
And there we have a king;
All the richness of the land
It is all in his hand...

I, the young princess,
All worries right away forgotten,
Wear wonderful dresses,
I meet often with princes.
I sail in yachts and swim in rivers
Nobody can be compare to me.

I have servants and pages,
Horses, carriages, crew;
All people look at me
They lean and bow for me.
From so much happiness I spring,
Open my eyes up,
Rub my still sleepy eyes -
Oh, so far have I flown...