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Sunday, May 31, 2009
To: UN Secretary General
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
United Nations
Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General
United Nations, S-378
New York, NY 10017
Tel. 212-963-7162, Fax. 212-963-7055
The Honorable Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon!
Subject: Response to President Ahmadinejad's racist and threatening rhetoric.
Your Excellency! We, the Chelmer Society of Israel, request your decisive action with regard to recent comments made by Iranian President Ahmadinejad. This leader of a UN-member state endorses the annihilation of the Jewish Nation. His calls for the genocide of our People are reminiscent of the Nazi Holocaust, from 1939 to 1945, when six million Jews, and among them the Jews of Chelm, Poland, were eradicated.
Throughout the years of World War Two, Chelm's Jewish community endured numerous pogroms, death marches and deportations. This culminated on November 6, 1942, when the entire Jewish population was dispatched in a final Aktion to the Sobibor Death Camp for extermination.
Our organization represents the few remaining members of our ancient Jewish community, who are now dispersed throughout the world. Chelm had a thriving Jewish population from as early as the 12th century, a total of 750 years. Before the Nazis marched into our city, 18,000 Jews lived there. Today there are none.
We remind you of your own personal history. At age six, during the Korean war, you and your family were forced to flee your city of Chungju to a remote countryside. Your experiences can certainly assist you in comprehending what happened to our community. After the war, you returned to Chungju. Most of the Jewish community of Chelm was not a lucky as you.
Ahmadinejad's treatment of his own Iranian People is further indicative of the danger that he brings our world. According to Human Rights Watch, "Respect for basic human rights in Iran, especially freedom of expression and assembly, deteriorated in 2006. The government headed by Ahmadinejad routinely tortures and mistreats detained dissidents, including through prolonged solitary confinement."
We, the undersigned member of the Chelmer Society of Israel, urge you to respond to these blatantly racist and threatening comments made by the Iranian president. We demand that you work to prevent the possible repetition of what our community endured. Ahmadinejad's statement are shockingly similar to those of Adolf Hitler – the man who led to the deaths of 50 million Jews and non-Jews alike. Let us never return to that reality. In the name of all of our family members who perished in the Holocaust, please ensure that our People can finally live in peace and safety.

The following are statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that are indicative of the danger that this man brings to the Jewish People, to the State of Israel and indeed to the entire world:
“Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury,” October 27, 2005 in Tehran
 “There is no doubt that the new wave (of attacks) in Palestine will wipe off this stigma (Israel) from the face of the Islamic world, ... The World without Zionism.” October 27, 2005 in Tehran
“As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,” October 26, 2005 in Tehran
"Remove Israel before it is too late and save yourself from the fury of regional nations." February 11, 2006 in Tehran, on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution
"Israel is a tyrannical regime that will one day be destroyed."  May 11, 2006 in Jakarta
"Israel is a rotten, dried tree that will be annihilated in one storm." April 15, 2006 in Tehran